Just Because You Can…

Did you know it is legal to ride in your camper trailer in New York State?  Just because you can doesn’t mean its wise.  Same goes for our cabinet design.   We have gone to great lengths to be on the cutting edge of online customization with cabinet ordering. We have broad ranges of minimum and maximum  sizes that overlap in various types to allow you freedom in your design, but we ask you to use common sense.  You probably shouldn’t have a 6” high cabinet door that is 24” wide.  Yes, its possible but do you want to look at that sagging hinge next year?  Due to the freedoms we give you we can not take responsibility for poor design.  

Here are some common dimensions that our industry recognizes as tried and true:

Some helpful info about shelves from AWMAC

Do you want to know what the pros know?  Free download of the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards here: