Side Panel

Right Panel

Panels are used to cover the exposed sides of cabinet boxes, ensuring they match the color of the cabinet doors.

Adding a Right panel inside this product will automatically adjust the “Right Reveal” to 3mm for proper spacing.

The panel size will be the overall height of the cabinet, and the depth of the cabinet plus the thickness of the door/drawer front so it will be flush on the front.

(Disregard the door/drawer configuration and cabinet type shown in the image below, your product may be different, but the panels work the same as described here)

If you require a special sized panel that differs from this size, you can use the Panel product on the Accessories page.

Just remember to adjust your door reveals accordingly.

Side Panel Depth

The depth of the side panel needs to be 22mm deeper than the cabinet it is going next to in order for it to come flush with the doors.

Example: If you are adding a panel beside a base cabinet that is 602mm deep, the panel should be 624 deep.

Personalized Labels

Putting a name or number in this spot will help you organize your cabinets and products in a way that makes sense for you and your project.

This text will come through on the product sticker that gets put on the back of every cabinet that is produced in our shop, and will save you time from trying to figure out which cabinets are which.

Here are some examples of the product label, with the personalized label in use. Try to limit your personalized label to a few words, or the last bit of text may get cut off of the label if it is too long.



Unit conversion

Input length in inches for its value in millimeters.
To convert from inches (in) to millimeters (mm), simply use the following formula:
millimeters = inches × 25.4

This is because one inch is equivalent to 25.4 millimeters. Therefore, by multiplying the number of inches by 25.4, you can determine its corresponding length in millimeters.