Side Panel

Our solid, square products are made with our precision dowel process using Canadian-made, high-quality materials.


Side Panel Depth

The depth of the side panel needs to be 22mm deeper than the cabinet it is going next to in order for it to come flush with the doors.

Example: If you are adding a panel beside a base cabinet that is 602mm deep, the panel should be 624 deep.



Set Project Options

Unit conversion

Input length in inches for its value in millimeters.
To convert from inches (in) to millimeters (mm), simply use the following formula:
millimeters = inches × 25.4

This is because one inch is equivalent to 25.4 millimeters. Therefore, by multiplying the number of inches by 25.4, you can determine its corresponding length in millimeters.


3/4″ Thick material.
Edge banding on all 4 sides.
Side panels are used to cover the colour of the carcass finish on cabinets that are exposed. If you have a white cabinet box with different coloured doors, you want to make sure that the side of the cabinet matches the door.
A 3mm Reveal is needed on the side of the cabinet that this panel will attach to ensure a gap so the door does not rub on the panel while opening.
Side panels need to be deeper than the cabinet they attach to, as cabinet depth only includes the box, not the door and its small gap to the cabinet. 22mm deeper than the cabinet is needed so the panel comes flush to the door/drawer fronts.
Please ensure the panel is deep enough incase you need to scribe an edge to fit your between walls. Add scribe room if you plan on cutting it to fit your wall.
This Panel will come in the Exterior Colour selected in the Project Dashboard.
If the Exterior Colour selected has grain direction (is not a solid colour), then the grain will run with the Height.

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