Standards, What Standards?

Have you ever been shopping for cabinets and came across some list like this? How exciting to take your design layout and try to fit these boxes into it… NOT! How 1980s! 12 inches won’t hold your dinner plate but 24 inch just seems like a bit of overkill for that upper. How frustrating is this when you are trying to build a custom closet or mudroom for your client? What if you want a 13 inch high drawer cabinet with a 2 inch cushion for your window seat? “Filler Cabinets”, seriously?! Who wants to buy a tiny cabinet just to fill the gaps?

Don’t get stuck with random boxes, order exactly what you need. With our online ordering system you can modify every cabinet type in any direction by 1mm increments. Do you want the doors to extend to conceal lighting? No problem, just click on the “expert” tab and make it what you need. Do you need that bottom drawer a little bigger to hold your favourite Dutch oven? No trouble at all, just type in the height you need.
Our store motto was going be “Cabinets online with no Standards” but somehow that just didn’t sound right. In fact, we do have standards, important ones; Precision, Quality, and Service.